Alex Berloffe
Coaching Certification Training
Life & Career Coach at Alex Berloffe Coaching
My Passion: To Inspire People
Alex Berloffe is an ICC (Intl Coaching Community) certified coach since 2010 and has been providing Life Coaching services, one of his professional activities. 
He is also part of the Joule Project, an initiative that supports young college students entering the job market to review their career goals, their personal/professional presentation tools as a pro-bono mentor.
Alex is an enthusiastic questioner of the limitations that are perceived as obstacles in our lives and, as Coach, is dedicated to understanding the current moment of their clients, their goals, and then taking them to a practical work of reflection and action, of which not only important lessons are drawn, but also achievements of goals that, under other conditions, might not manifest themselves.
Coach ICC Certificate - Intl Coaching Community 2008
Several Certifications in Holistic Therapies since 1998
Electronic Engineer from E.E. Mauá, EMBA by BSP. Professional with 30+ years of experience in providing project management services for business consulting and SAP system.
Certificações em Coaching
2008 - Coaching Certification Training (Sandra Pereira )
Áreas de atuação em Coaching Business, Life, Career
Idiomas Spanish, English, Portuguese
Método de trabalho Presencial e à distância
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