Coaching for Human Development by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages

Coaching is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful tools in human development. It is used in business for managers, executives and teams to improve business performance. Also, many people are using coaches to help them get a better life, to be more happy, to have better relationships, to plan their career and to achieve financial success.


Dealing with performance anxiety by Joseph O’Connor

Performance anxiety. Stage Fright. Nerves. Excitement. All names for that feeling you get when you perform or think about performing under testing circumstances. I spent many years as a classical guitarist – performer and teacher, so had many opportunities to prepare my students and myself to play music in public. Feel free to transpose whatever you find useful here for your own testing times, whether it is artistic performance, sports performance, presentations, training, interviews or any other situation where you are in the real or metaphorical spotlight.


How rational are you? By Joseph O’Connor

Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true (Bacon)

Here are some interesting questions that may shed some light on your beliefs. Think about how you would respond to someone who made the following statements, write down some notes if you wish, and then read the commentary. You may also check whether you have any of these beliefs, or similar ones.


The Leaders journey by Joseph O’Connor

Why learn to be a leader? To be involved in what really matters to you. To be able to do what matters to you. To have companions on your journey. You must be a leader in any area where you want more influence. How can we pin down leadership, one of the most talked about and written about subjects in business? Is it charisma? Influence? Inspiration? Stewardship? Yes. It may be.


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