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First steps at ICC

The International Coaching Community is a global platform for professional Coaching that will support you on the development of your coaching skills.

Here is a roadmap for your first steps on the Community:

1. Set up your coach profile

The ICC has a Coach Search service that allows potential coaching clients to contact ICC coaches from around the world.

It is important you update your profile and present your coaching services so that more people know about you and can reach you.

Your profile can include:

  • Your personal data and a short introductory text.
  • Your profile photo.
  • Your résumé or presentation folder in PDF format so that it can be downloaded.
  • Your social media profiles.
  • The Coaching specialty that you want to offer.
  • You Coaching Method (in-person, distance, both).
  • You have the option to include a video if you want to leave a visual message on your profile.

To update your profile, all you need is the username and password that we sent you in the welcome e-mail after you were certified.

Update your profile now!

Bear in mind that you can deactivate your profile in case you don’t want to appear on the lists.

2. Join the Community Network

The ICC is one of the biggest professional Coaching networks in the world, and you’re a part of it!

The ICC Members Network is an exclusive social network for ICC coaches where you can contact members from around the world!

On this network, you can:

  • Build a network of international contacts with professional coaches.
  • Create a personal page where other coaches from the community can follow you and get your updates.
  • Publish your coaching work and form powerful bonds with other members.
  • Share interesting articles, videos, and links to enrich the global shelf of coaching resources.
  • Post events and invite other members of the community.
  • Participate in forums and groups with specialists.
  • And more!

Join the ICC Members Network now!

3. Visit the webinar gallery

The ICC has been organizing open and free webinars to offer continuous spaces of improvement and training to coaches around the world since 2009.

Visit the recorded webinar gallery; you’ll find over 70 hours of master classes with international coaches!

Visit the webinar gallery now!

4. Plan your year and perfect your Coaching

With the ICC Academy, you can participate in distance specialization programs with world-class trainers from the comfort of your office or home.

Visit the Academy site to see upcoming activities. We await you in the next courses!

Visit the ICC Academy now!

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