Coaching the world - Our mission

Coaching the World - Our vision

Coaching the World

We invite you on a journey of knowledge, discovery and self-development.
Be inspired by your unique talents and purpose to create changes in your life, your organization, your country and the world.
Join the ICC, the only Coaching community that shares the same methodology in every part of the world.

We are inspired by this vision as a way to develop individuals and organisations to achieve their best version. Join us!

Individual development

  • ICC coaching is about people.
  • Stretching people to learn.
  • Giving people new and powerful tools.
  • Leading people to develop beyond who they currently are.

Person focused

We license trainers and not trainings, because we believe that people are what makes coaching work.

Through its core coaching competencies and standards and ethics, ICC supports and develops a coaching profession as well as coaching as an activity.

ICC is inclusive and not exclusive.

Common language

When you participate in an ICC training, anywhere in the world, you will be doing the same basic training. ICC coaches have the same shared language of coaching.

Social perspective

ICC sees coaching as a powerful force for a better world and is initiating social projects in education.

Founded by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages in 2001, the International Coaching Community is one of the largest professional organizations for coaches around the world, with more than 15,000 certified coaches from 78 different countries, and is committed to developing the coaching profession at all levels.

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