ICC Certified Trainers

Meet the International Certified Coaching Trainers that are delivering more than 100 trainings a year in more than 20 countries from the five continents.

The ICC delivers a complete coaching education through our network of experienced trainers covering Executive, Team, Leaders, Business and Life Coaching trainings.

Alejandro Feiges


Alexandra Lemos


Alisa Miniotaite


Andrea Lages


Angel Cortes L.

  El Salvador

Angela Neighbours

  Australia and New Zealand

Bruna Sabbag


Carolina E. Lopasso


Claes Unestål


Daniel Barrero


Elene Uneståhl


Guillermo Mendoza

  United States

Irene Corry


Iryna Maretskaya


Jens Toerskin


Jihane Boutaleb


Joseph O’Connor

  United Kingdom

Karina Pittini


Karyn Trader-Leigh

  United States

Leyla Suarez


Ludmila Frolova


Marcela Parga


Marcos Silva


Maria Bruederlin

  United States

Natalie Vasina
Natalie Vasina


Nelma Fernandes

  Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau

Piotr Pilipczuk


Raechel Ford

  Australia and New Zealand

Rafal Nykiel
Rafal Nykiel


Ricardo Alonso


Samuel Lau


Sonia Colombo

  Dominican Republic

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