International Certification in Executive Coaching

About the Program


This program will allow you to become an accredited Coach of Leaders and Executives, which will effectively help organizations perform at their best. This program is part of the complete education in corporate coaching, together with the team and business coaching programs.

It is open to ICC-certified coaches and others who have completed suitable initial training.

Your Best Version as a Coach


Coaching leaders goes beyond the usual coaching skills. Leaders need coaches who are also leaders. The current common coaching skills are not sufficient. You need to be outstanding. To face this challenge, you need to be the best version of yourself.

Training hours


of Fortune 500 companies use Coaching


of companies get benefits for business and individuals from Coaching

Program Features

Constant Practice

It is a practical training that lets you rapidly integrate the new skills of executive coaching.

Systemic Approach

Skills and knowledge of systemic thought to apply in the practice of coaching leaders.

Training and Certification Process



Participants work on planning and establishing goals through self-evaluation questionnaires, book reviews, and planning the learning experience.


This is the required course to get certified. Participants develop their skills to learn key coaching concepts and put them in practice every day.


Participants complete certification activities, including client coaching projects, self-evaluations and conceptual integration tasks, book reviews, and self-coaching projects.

Certification Details

Topics Covered in the Certification


  • The stages of leadership coaching and how to implement them.
  • The particular challenges of coaching leaders and how to overcome them.
  • How to use systemic thinking and influence.
  • How to clarify purposes and responsibility.
  • Advanced research skills specifically for executives.
  • How to create systemic perspectives.
  • Executive responsibility.
  • How to use a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for executives.
  • How to give feedback to executives.
  • How to measure the results of executive coaching.
  • Practical aspects of coaching leaders: how to organize the practice of coaching.
  • Coaching to manage business policies.
  • Active learning.

Who is it for?

  • For coaches, this course represents the opportunity to broaden and maximize the services they offer to their clients by increasing the impact their business team interventions can have with leaders and top executives.
  • For leaders and executives, this course lets them discover a new way of leading their teams, empower collaborators and improve their quality of life.
  • Consultants who wants to deeply understand the developmental process for executives through Coaching.

Required Activities for the Certification


Book summaries/reviews

Develop a written review of a book relevant to coaching found on the list provided in the training. This summary will be distributed to all participants and to the trainer for comments and feedback.


Coaching project

Participants must fulfill at least 30 hours of coaching, with at least three leaders; each one will receive at least ten hours of coaching. They should present a written report of those coaching projects to the trainer, within six months of the initial training. You may also present a video with written commentary.


Written Exam

Participants will complete a written exam that will cover the theory and practice of professional executive coaching.


Research Project

Each participant will complete a research project on a topic of interest related to team coaching.

Self-coaching project

Each participant will work on a project for their own development. Participants should present their goals for the project to the trainer – the values it represents and their plan of action – one month before the end of the course. This project could entail a course of study or any self-development activity. The project should be finished in three months, and a written report should be turned in to the trainer.


Training Integration Questionnaire

Participants will complete a questionnaire that will serve to integrate the content presented during the program.

Do you want to become an Executive Coach?

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