International Certification in Team Coaching

About the Program


Team coaching is currently one of the most rapidly growing markets in the business world. Organizations that have already tested the effectiveness of individual coaching are introducing this philosophy at all levels, for which highly specialized coaches are needed to create more cohesive, creative, and efficient work teams.

When teams work fluidly, people do well, and the business works. The excellent results come from a combined better creativity and focus on what is important, which gives their work a greater velocity. Team coaching is a previously tested catalyst in this skilled circle.

It is open to ICC-certified coaches and others who have completed suitable initial training.

Become a Team Coach


This course will provide a valuable guided experience in team coaching and officially accredit you as a business team coach, able to help others perform at their maximum capacity.

This program requires 122 hours of study that include planning and preparation stages, the team coaching course, and certification activities.

Awarded Methodology


The Team Coaching course uses the training program and methodology created by Lambent, which was awarded with the European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

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Training hours

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Practice hours

Benefits of the Certification

World-Class Training

The course is part of an integral training in coaching. This program will give you better knowledge and confidence in using team coaching tools.

Credibility in the Business Sector

This program will provide you with the ability to effectively work with business teams and grant you higher credibility in the business sector.

Training and Certification Process



Participants work on planning and establishing goals through self-evaluation questionnaires, book reviews, and planning the learning experience.


This is the required course to get certified. Participants develop their skills to learn key coaching concepts and put them in practice every day.


Participants complete certification activities, including client coaching projects, self-evaluations and conceptual integration tasks, book reviews, and self-coaching projects.

Certification Details

Topics covered during the training

  • Definitions and structure of team coaching applied to business.
  • The characteristics of high-performance teams and how to develop them.
  • The obstacles to achieving high-performance and how to manage them.
  • Advanced research skills to get the best out of teams.
  • Teams as systems: using points of influence and feedback.
  • How to get agreement on and clarify team goals.
  • How to work with the team’s values.
  • The various team stages and how to manage them.
  • How to measure team development.
  • How to lead with team conflicts.
  • Team psychogeography and how to work with it.
  • How to structure effective team action plans.
  • Using team values for motivation.
  • How to choose between the different team coaching models.

Who is it for?

  • For coaches, this course represents the opportunity to broaden and maximize the services they offer to their clients by increasing the impact their business team interventions can have on the organization.
  • For leaders and executives, this course lets them discover a new way of interacting with teams, developing the processes of empowerment necessary for high-performance teams.
  • It is also suitable for people who work in human resources and who are looking for new ways to intervene in organizations and support internal clients and teams.

Required Activities for the Certification


Book summaries/reviews

Develop a written review of a book relevant to coaching found on the list provided in the training. This summary will be distributed to all participants and to the trainer for comments and feedback.

Coaching project

Participants must fulfill at least 20 hours of coaching, with at least two teams; each one will receive at least ten hours of coaching. They should present a written report of those coaching projects to the trainer, within six months of the initial training. You may also present a video with written commentary.

Written Exam

Participants will complete a written exam that will cover the theory and practice of professional team coaching.

Research Project

Each participant will complete a research project on a topic of interest related to team coaching. The written reports should only include feedback on the process and respect the confidentiality agreed upon between coach and client. You should also request that each client give ICC their opinion about the coaching process.

Self-coaching project

Each participant will work on a project for their own development. Participants should present their goals for the project to the trainer – the values it represents and their plan of action – one month before the end of the course. This project could entail a course of study or any self-development activity. The project should be finished in three months, and a written report should be turned in to the trainer.

Training Integration Questionnaire

Participants will complete a questionnaire that will serve to integrate the content presented during the program.

Do you want to become a Team Coach?

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