International Coaching Certification Programs

The International Coaching Community is committed to developing all levels of the coaching profession via training of the highest standards of quality. This training includes exercises for personal, business, team, and executive coaching.

Awarded Methodology

European Quality Award

The International Coaching Community uses the training programs and methodology created by Lambent, and awarded since 2010 with the prestigious European Quality Award (EQA) by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). This methodology has been used to train over 15,000 people from 78 countries since 2001.

Certificacion InternacionalInternational Coaching Certification

With this program, you will be able to obtain the International Certification in Coaching and become a member of the International Coaching Community. This training will help you acquire and develop the fundamental skills necessary to practice coaching in the personal and organizational sphere.

Coaching de EquiposInternational Certification in Team Coaching

Organizations that have already tested the effectiveness of individual coaching are introducing this philosophy at all levels, for which highly specialized coaches are needed to create more cohesive, creative, and efficient work teams.

Coaching EjecutivoInternational Certification in Business Coaching

More and more businesses are investing in coaching to develop their senior managers’ leadership skills. This course will help you develop yourself as a coach and become one of the elite coaches for leaders. This is an advanced training course open to coaches certified by ICC who have already completed the relevant initial training.

International Certification in Executive Coaching

This program will allow you to be an accredited executive coach. The certification will enable you to guide leaders, executives and organizations to deliver better results and reach the highest level of performance.

Coaching de VidaInternational Certification in Life Coaching

Businesses lose millions of euros, pounds, and dollars each year because their employees are stressed, miss work, or make poor decisions when they’re there. This unique course is geared to train coaches to help people balance their lives.

Certificate in Neuroscience CoachingInternational Certificate in Neuroscience Coaching

Coaching the Brain is the first distance learning course to be accredited by the ICC, giving practical applications of neuroscience to coaching. Neuroscience is at the forefront of coaching, and we believe this program places Lambent and the ICC at the cutting edge of coaching methodology in the ‘twenties.

ICC Program Structure



Participants work on planning and establishing goals through self-evaluation questionnaires, book reviews, and planning the learning experience.


This is the required course to get certified. Participants develop their skills to learn key coaching concepts and put them in practice every day.


Participants complete certification activities, including client coaching projects, self-evaluations and conceptual integration tasks, book reviews, and self-coaching projects.

Experience ICC

Creating a global community of coaching professionals

Benefits for ICC Students


ICC program participants have access to a virtual classroom throughout the entire training and certification process, providing a Platform to turn in and keep track of certification tasks and communicate with the trainer and coursemates:

  • Access reading materials that complement the course
  • Download template documents to complete certification activities
  • Turn in reports and assignments to the trainers for evaluation
  • Access the gallery of master classes that will complement your training
  • Contact study partners throughout the duration of the program

As an ICC program student, you will immediately have access to the free seminars led by trainers from all over the world to accompany your training with coaching master classes.

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