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Mr. Sugii has been coaching for executives in glove since 1995 and founder of coaching company Gledis, Inc in Japan who  is a partner of ICC  Lambent UK as executive coaching.

GLEDIS has Japanese ICC certified coach training course for Level one and Executive Coaching along with global consultancy course.

Mr. Sugii has his CEO experience with many NASDAQ company such as  Baan, Inc ERP: US/Netherlands, Artemis ISCS Project Management: UK/US, Portal,Inc Telecommunications: US, etc for his 40 years career as an active executives.

He is an Invited Professor of San Francisco State University, living in Tokyo Japan.

GLEDIS is serving coaching and consultation not only in Japan, but other Asia countries and Europe.

Yoichiro Sugii (Sugii-san)
Gledis. Inc,  Minato-ku Tokyo Japan


Gledis, Inc.
32 Shibakoen Bldg, 8th floor
3-4-30 Shibakoen, Minato-ku
Tokyo  105-0011
Tel: 81-(0)3-3578 7170
E-mail:   ysugii@gledis.co.jp
Web: www.gleids.co.jp

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