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Alberto is an ICC Certified Coach Trainer, Executive Coach, Accredited Leader Trainer by CCL and Speaker, helping people and organizations to explore and expand the potential that is hidden within them, raise their performance and achieve happiness and wellbeing.

He is the first ICC Coach Certification Trainer in Mozambique, training coaches in the country since 2013.

He has a Master’s degree in Strategic Human Resources Management with extensive experience in the public sector. He is also a consultant in private companies and university teaching.

He provides business coaching interventions in companies, while working with executives and entrepreneurs in executive coaching session programs and high-performance team development programs.

Alberto is contributing significantly to accelerating the training of Small and Medium Enterprises – SMEs, to access the competitions for the LNG – oil and gas project in the Rovuma basin, conducted by MozUP, creating and teaching Human Capital Management and Leadership courses for Women Leaders.

Alberto’s mission is to contribute to the awakening of the infinite potential embedded in people and organizations, so that they can live the enchanting experience of well-being and organizational happiness, through the art and practice of High Performance business coaching.

Kuyakana Coaching
Av Maguiguana 1105, Maputo, Mozambique
Email: bettobatista@gmail.com
Telephone: +258 84 053 2256
Facebook: /abnandja
Instagram: /albertobatistacoach

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