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PhD in Law from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Celenia holds Master’s Degrees in Public Administration and Computational Technology for Education.

She has training and experience in human resources, training and public management, having held different managerial functions for the Dominican government, in areas of human management and institutions responsible for training and development of public servants. She has also been a consultant for the public sector, participating in important strengthening projects and institutional regulations of the Dominican government. She has been a leader in the implementation of the competency model and change processes; as well as in the actual development of competencies such as leadership, team performance, and communication.

Celenia is also recognized for her work in the development of talent in important private companies in her country.

  • Coach of the ICC and Lambent do Brasil, formed by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages.
  • She is certified as Executive and Team Coach by the ICC and Lambent do Brasil – Joseph O’Connor.
  • Certified as Trainer Everything DiSC Workplace System, International Coaching Institute.
  • Certified as Clifton StrenghtsFinder Coach, Gallup International.
  • Expert in the development of Competences formed by the Martha Alles International Institute.
  • Leadership Program for Public Management, Barna Management School.
  • Certified as Organizational Development Practitioner, Change Americas.

Certified by the Neuro-semantic Society, USA, as: Group and Team Coaching, Practitioner PNL, Associate Certificated Meta Coach System, and PNL Trainer.

Her contributions to coaching are highlighted in important work in favor of developing team skills, change management and empowerment of socially disadvantaged groups, using the Community Coaching® model that allowed the development of small and commercial micro-enterprises, under the auspices of the European Economic Community.

Member of the ICC and founding member of the Dominican Coaching Society.

Email: cvidalp@gmail.com / info@perfilesycompetencias.com
Web: www.perfilesycompetencias.com

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