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I studied Human Resource Management at Örebro University with a Philosophy Bachelor degree in Sociology.

I work as an Human Resource manager for a company in Örebro. My main interest is organizational development, to create effective processes that will help the organization reach its goals and live by its values. I belive that the people within the organization is our greatest resourse, and therefore the key for organizational development is to help the people within the organization to develop, and coaching is the way to do this.

Since I completed the ICC coach training in 2014 I have been using coaching in my work and in my everyday life. I have found that coaching is a very powerful tool and how by using this approach, it helps people to brake a negative state of mind and find the proper resources to reach their goals.

I will work as a trainer for the Scandinavian International University with Elene and Lars-Eric Uneståhl. My long-term ambition is to contribute for the development of coaching and to reach as many people as I can. I also want to help different organizations to develop by using coaching as a tool.

I love to travel, to see new cultures and meet new people. My greatest personal hobby is skydiving.

Email: claes.unestal@gmail.com
Telephone: 072 202 87 17

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