Free Webinar: Coaching and Mental Training as support and help in Corona times

April 30, 2020

19h UK (14h/2PM USA|EDT – 20h Sweden – 21h Moscow)
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watch the recorded session on another day.

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The objective of the webinar is to decrease fear and create optimism, using problems for growing.

Mass media reports has created a fear and negative expectation (nocebo) which aggravates the effect of Covid-19. Understanding the nocebo effect can prevent that, and Coaching and Mental Training can be used to increase resilience, and to use the restrictions for positive purposes.

Topics to be covered
Corona applications: Nocebo – Expectations – Attitude – Problem solving – Mental toughness training

Intended audience

  • Anyone can benefit.

Language and dictation

  • Program in English and completely online
  • Participate through your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • The session will be recorded and you will have permanent access to it

About the Trainer

Lars-Eric Uneståhl, Ph.D. from Uppsala University, Professor at Örebro University and the current President of the Scandinavian International University in Sweden, a private University which also provides education in Coaching, NLP, Mental Training and Self-Hypnosis. He also runs courses in Hypnosis for Medical doctors, Psychologists and Dentists.

Uneståhl has published more than hundred research articles in areas like “Alternative States of Consciousness”, “Relations Mind and Body”, “Sport Performances” etc.

He developed the “Swedish model of Mental Training” in the nineteen sixties and was at that time in close contact with Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Timothy Gallwey. Since then he has also contributed actively in the development of Coaching and NLP.

Founding President for the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence and has served as President for 3 World Congresses (Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine 1973, Sport Psychology 1985 and Mental Training and Excellence 1981).

Council member of various international organizations, teaching at Universities in more than 20 countries, and author of 17 books.

One of three Swedish ICC certified trainers in Coaching.

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