Free Webinar: ICC, your Global Coaching Platform

March 22, 2019

4PM London (9AM Los Angeles – 12PM Miami – 5PM Warsaw – 7PM Moscow)
The recorded session can be viewed later.

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In this webinar you will learn, as an ICC-certified Coach, about the tools that you can access to empower your Coaching career.

Topics to be covered

  • ICC YouTube Channel
  • Academy Campus
  • Coach Profile
  • Members Network
  • Member Directory

Intended target audience

  • ICC-certified coaches who want to learn about the tools available to them
  • Coaches or students who want to get to know what tools will be available from the ICC when they become certified
Dictation Modality and Language
  • Program in English and completely online
  • Participate through your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • The session will be recorded and you will have access to all materials

About the moderator

An ICC-certified Executive Coach, Alexis Villanueva is the Administrator of the ICC Academy, and coordinates the online activities of the students in training, as well as managing the online courses and webinars with our trainers.

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