Exceptional Value of Team Coaching in Business Contexts


The success of a business is dependent on good teamwork.
How people work together influences everything.

When teams work well, people are happy, the business works more smoothly and results are better. Teams that work well are more creative and work faster.

Team coaching is a crucial part of working in business.

Organizations are hiring coaches to work with their teams. Team Coaching is one of the fastest growing markets in business.

Over 90% of organizations polled said coaching can deliver tangible benefits to organizations and the individuals who work in them.

A Manager needs coaching skills to get the best from their people, so corporate coaching is a very large and still growing market.


[h3]Are you equipped to enter this market?[/h3]

Generic coach trainings will not prepare you for the rigors of Team Coaching.

You need new and different skills to coach managers. Managers need the best coaching skills to get the best from their teams.


[h3]The exceptional value of ICC Team Coaching Certification Training:[/h3]

  • This is a full team coaching education, not only a training.
  • There is supervised planning and preparation before and supervised practice afterwards.
  • ICC Internationally recognized trainers.
  • The manual has been written by Joseph O’Connor and andrea Lages, bestselling authors of “Coaching with NLP” and “How Coaching Works”.
  • This is an international Certification training, accredited by the ICC. Partipants will get an International certificate on completion of the full course.
  • The opportunity to work and coach in teams during the training.


[h3]Benefits of the ICC Team Coaching Certification Training:[/h3]

  • Greater knowledge and confidence in using the tools of coaching in teams.
  • More credibility in the business market.
  • The ability to work effectivily with business teams.
  • The curse forms part of a comprehensive Coaching education.


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