Our trainings are designed to be the the best to build and maintain a

coaching profession of the highest standards and ethics.
Our trainings also allow you to use the best and most effective coaching skills into your work, as manager, executive, psychologist, consultant, teacher, or any other profession that will benefit from coaching skills.

We believe that coaches need to be specialists.

We believe specialist trainings best serve coaches now.
No basic coaching training however long, can prepare you for the specialist coaching markets that exist now.

All our courses share the same design wherever in the world you take them.

This means you share a common language and a common standard with other ICC coaches at that level.

The ICC has four levels of training

Level one is the International Coaching Certification

This training is a minimum of 60 hours training contact time spread over four months.
Successful participants receive the ICC certificate of International coach and are eligible for level two training. They are also able to use the ICC intranet.

Level two is the specialist level – business coaching and life coaching

These courses are open for all profesional coaches. For those Coaches who didn´t take ICC level one training, there may be a leveling work before starting the training.
To achieve the certificate of level two training participants need to complete several projects in the year that follows the training.
It is also necessary to assist in at least one level one course to be certified at any level two training.

There are three courses at level two:

Business coaching (one to one)

This training is a minimum of 45 hours training contact time.

Team Coaching
This training is a minimum of 30 hours training contact time.

Successful certification in Business coaching and team coaching make a certification in Corporate Coaching.
The corporate coaching certification therefore has a minimum of 75 hours training contact time plus 60 hours of level one making a total of 135 hours.

Life coaching
This training is a minimum of 60 hours training contact time, plus 60 hours of level one making a total of 120 hours.

Level three is the Executive coach level

Executive coaching is a minimum of 30 hours training contact time plus 135 hours of corporate coaching, making a total of 165 hours.

Executive coaching certification can only be taken by those coaches that are certified as corporate coaches, so they have completed the business coaching and team coaching training, and all the required tasks for certification. They also need assist in at least one corporate coaching training. (Team or one to one business training)

Level four is the ICC master coach level

In order to graduate to master coach level, a coach has to successfully complete levels one, two and three. There are no extra training hours for this certification. It has 195 hours training contact time (Level one plus life plus corporate).

They also need to be an assistant at least once in a level one training and once in a level two training.

They also need to have at least ten hours coaching with a mentor coach, who will be an ICC trainer.

Master coaches will also do a self-coaching project and write a dissertation on an aspect of coaching.

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