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Pictures from our #nosolocoaching International Festival!

Madrid, Spain – October 26, 2019

Thanks to all who came to honor and enjoy the second edition of the event, held in Madrid by the Ben Pensante Institute, Spanish trainers Daniel Álvarez and Marcela Parga and with the support of the International Coaching Community. All proceedings were fully donated to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur, India.

It turned out to be much more than the organizers, speakers and collaborators had dreamed of. The fascinating presentations and the generous willingness to help everyone who attended the booked-out Festival created a collective experience that will not be forgotten.

The proceedings of more than € 5.500 were donated to director of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Madrid, to be used in a project to treat 107 Anantapur children for thalassemia.

Here are a few pictures from that memorable day:

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