NLP and Sports, How to Win the Mind Game


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Sport is physical…and mental. To win the game in the outside world, you need to win the mind game in your inner world.

Your most difficult and devious opponent is not who faces you on the court of field or track, but is the one inside your own mind, because they know exactly your weaknesses.

This book will make sure you win the mind game, so you can do your best in every area. it will help you get into the ‘Zone’ that state of mental flow where you perform at your best. This book is practical and full of exercises to help you be your best.

About this book

Winning matters! But before you can be your best on court, track, field – or life – you have to win at the mind game because you have two opponents – your limitations and your competitors> You play the mind game to beat your limitations so you can succeed against your competitors. The goal of the game is to platy at your best – and enter ‘the zone’ – that state of flow where everything you do turns out right. This practical book will give you the winning ways of thinking that can apply to every competitive endeavour so that you can:

  • Enter the zone more often
  • Maintain your concentration and focus
  • Play to the top range of your skill regardless of circumstances
  • Learn from your mistakes and your successes
  • Take care of yourself and deal effectively with sports injuries
  • Take your self-talk work for you and not against you


This book will help you not only to win but also to enjoy competition!


Chapter One Ready… Get Set…
Chapter Two Goals and How to Get Them
Chapter Three Imagery: The Power of the Imagination
Chapter Four In the Zone
Chapter Five Dealing with Distractions
Chapter Six Energy and Intensity
Chapter Seven After the Game
Appendices I: Fitness and Exercise
Appendices II: Bibliography
Index of Exercise

About the author

Joseph O’Connor is an international author, trainer, executive coach and consultant. He is a leading author and trainer in coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and systemic thinking.
He is the author of eighteen books and three audiotapes on coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, training, sales, communication skills, management and systemic thinking.

His books have been translated into twenty nine languages and have sold half a million copies worldwide.

He is co – author with Andrea Lages of two books on coaching.

Coaching with NLP (Thorsons 2004 – translated into nine languages)
How Coaching Works (AC Black 2007 – translated into six languages and nominated for Financial Times
best business book of the year 2007)

He is Co – Founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC)

Co-founder and director of ROI Coaching, specialist coaching for financial executives, and he is Visiting Professor of Coaching, ISCTE University Business School, Lisbon, Portugal.

He spent many years as a professional classical guitarist and has an L.R.A.M. from the Royal Academy of Music.

He lives in London now (2011) having spent eight years living in Sao Paulo Brazil.

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