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A rich mixture of articles all on various aspects of coaching. More personal and immediate than the books, these articles cover a variety of topics from coaching a transition to the aesthetics of coaching. There is also an extended article called the four keys to a good life dealing with Authentic happiness coaching.

This book contains a selection of articles made from 2005 and 2010 covering a wider variety of coaching topics.

These areticles are an excellent complementary reading to best selling book s How Coaching Works (2007) and Coaching with NLP (2004)

Contents of the book.

Coaching the Transition
The Four Keys to a Good Life
Coaching – What’s the difference?
The Aesthetics of Coaching
Seeing what isn’t there
Giving client feedback
Coaching Psychology – A Commentary
Interview for ICI magazine (Santiago, Chile) 2009
Coaching and culture
Interview for El Pulso (Spain) 2010
NLP and Coaching
A clot in system

About the author

Joseph O’Connor is an international author, trainer, executive coach and consultant. He is a leading author and trainer in coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and systemic thinking.
He is the author of eighteen books and three audiotapes on coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, training, sales, communication skills, management and systemic thinking.

His books have been translated into twenty nine languages and have sold half a million copies worldwide.

He is co – author with Andrea Lages of two books on coaching.

Coaching with NLP (Thorsons 2004 – translated into nine languages)
How Coaching Works (AC Black 2007 – translated into six languages and nominated for Financial Times
best business book of the year 2007)

He is Co – Founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC)

Co-founder and director of ROI Coaching, specialist coaching for financial executives, and he is Visiting Professor of Coaching, ISCTE University Business School, Lisbon, Portugal.

He spent many years as a professional classical guitarist and has an L.R.A.M. from the Royal Academy of Music.

He lives in London now (2011) having spent eight years living in Sao Paulo Brazil.

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