ICC Certified Trainers


– Meiji Acupuncture & Moxibustion College (1981-1984)
– Daito Medical Technology College Bone setter department. (1985-1988)
– Scott Community College (U.S.A.) (1989-1990)
– Palmer College of Chiropractic (U.S.A.) (1991-1994)
– Complete Chiropractic Neurology Postdoctoral Program (Logan College of Chiropractic) (1998-2000)

– Bachelor of Science (U.S.A.) (1992)
– Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S.A.) (1994)

– Certified in Acupuncture & Moxibustion (Japan) (1984)

– Certified in Bone setter (Japan) (1988)[/important][important title=”Training  Qualifications”]- Certified instructor of Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (U.S.A.) (2001)
– Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (2007)
– Certified Hypnotist (International Hypnosis Federation) (2007)
– Certified International Coach (International Coaching Community) (2008)
– Certified International Coaching Trainer (International Coaching Community) (2009)


– As a Clinician:
– Work at the Bone setter clinic (1984-1987)
– Work as a Bone setter and Acupuncturist
– Work at Family Chiropractic Center (1994-present)
– Work as a owner of clinic
– Work as a chiropractor
– Work as a Psychosomatic Conditioned Reflex Therapist
– As a Personal Coach
– Work at Family Chiropractic Center (2007~present)
– As an Instructor:
– General Chiropractic Technique (1996~1999)
– Activator Method Chiropractic Technique (2001~present)
– Psychosomatic Conditioned Reflex Therapy which is coaching related  (2006~present)


– Established Family Chiropractic Center (1994-present)
– Established Life Compass Co., Ltd. (1998-present)
– Established Activator Network Japan (2001-present)
– Established Psychosomatic Conditioned Reflex Association (2005-present)

Life Compass Co., Ltd.
Family Chiropactic Center
1-7-20 #501 Otemon Chuo-ku
Fukuoka-City Japan 810-0074
Phone: +81(0)92-761-0081
Fax: +81(0)92-761-0086
E-mail: dryasuijp@yahoo.co.jp
Web: http://www.familychiro.co.jp

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