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What is the Parenting Coaching Certification?

April 2, 2024

12PM Mexico

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Have you considered to specialize in Coaching?

Would you like to help fathers and mothers on raising their children with the power of coaching?

Do you want to transform and become a better father/mother?

As a Coach is important to find our niche and differentiate ourselves. One high-grow market is Parenting Coaching to help fathers and mothers on raising their children.

This webinar will explain what exactly is Parenting Coaching and it will give you your first tool to review your own work as a father or mother and how to help with coaching to raise better human beings.


  • Understand what is Parenting Coaching.
  • Live and learn a technique to review our parenting.
  • Explore to understand if Parenting Coaching is a niche for you.

Language and dictation

  • Program in English and completely online.
  • The session will be recorded and you will have permanent access to it.

Topics to be covered

  • What is Parenting Coaching.
  • Reviewing what we learned and behaviors that we replicate.
  • Parenting coaching as a market niche.

Intended target audience

  • Professionally certified coaches.
  • Not sure if the course is for you? Ask Vanessa during the webinar.

About the trainer

Vanessa Shapiro Grunwald
Parenting Coach
Founder of Crianza Consciente

“For the last 10 years I have been devoted to helping families, parents and couples in the field of personal growth and spirituality. I am constantly inspired by their desire to develop theirs and their families’ potential.

My incursion into Conscious Parenting began as a young child, living firsthand how my parents trauma and childhood wounds affected my day today life, experiencing a lot of loneliness in my childhood and having to do most of my own problem solving and self discovery. This experience gave me both lots of resilience and lots of emotional baggage that took years of therapy and even a decade as a spiritual monk to heal.

When I became a mother, I began to look for support to overcome situations that I saw reflected from my childhood, but I couldn’t find anything that gave me the clarity I was looking for. That’s how I found the Jai Institute for Parenting where I became certified in 2016.

I founded Crianza Consciente, a platform designed to accompany families in being their best versions from the roots up. My mission is to help parents become aware of their childhood legacies and how those experiences shape the way they parent their children today. We do this through online courses, personalized coaching and free resources focused on leading amore conscious and fulfilling parenting experience.

I am the creator of the 5C Parenting methodology based on the the 3Pillars (Self knowledge, parenting tools and co-parenting) and the bestselling course: The Complete Conscious Parenting Mastery, the only Spanish-speaking program focused on transforming parenting from the seed level, with a comprehensive approach based on personal work, self-knowledge and emotional management.”

Moderator: ICC Trainer Guillermo Mendoza.

Guillermo  is a leadership expert, global speaker, author, entrepreneur and executive coach. He accelerates leadership around the globe, turning managers into leaders.

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